Todd's story is an inspiring example of how anyone with determination and hard work can turn their passion into a successful business. At the age of 39, Todd started a small eCommerce business selling his grandma's homemade pies. Today, his business generates over $500,000 in annual revenue.

Todd's entrepreneurial journey started when he was a kid, helping his grandma bake pies in her kitchen. Her delicious pies were always in high demand, and Todd saw an opportunity to turn his grandma's recipe into a profitable business. He started by selling pies at local farmer's markets and soon realized that he could reach a much larger audience by selling online.

Todd started his eCommerce business with just a simple website and a few dozen pies. He marketed his pies using social media and word of mouth, and slowly but steadily, his customer base grew. He put a lot of effort into creating a brand that people would trust and remember, and it paid off.

One of the most significant challenges Todd faced was scaling his business. As demand for his pies grew, he realized that he couldn't keep up with the orders on his own. He reached out to family and friends for help, but it wasn't enough. He needed funding to hire employees and invest in the infrastructure necessary to grow his business.

That's when Todd decided to apply to Shark Tank, a popular TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a panel of investors. Todd's pitch was a hit, and he secured an investment of $50,000 in exchange for 25% of his company's equity.

With the funding from Shark Tank, Todd was able to expand his business and invest in the technology necessary to streamline his operations. He hired a team of employees and invested in an automated packaging system that helped him fulfill orders faster and more efficiently.

Today, Todd's business sells not only pies but also a wide range of gourmet food products, including cakes, cookies, and chocolates. He has built a loyal customer base that values the quality of his products and the authenticity of his brand.

Todd's story is a great example of how anyone can turn their passion into a successful business. It takes hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks. Todd's success shows that with the right mindset and approach, anything is possible.

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