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This week, let's talk about personalization in emails, and how it has the potential to improve the ROI of your campaigns, a quick CRO hack that you can use this week.

Also, 154-point checklist to audit your Google Ads account and implement best practices.

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🚀 Growth Idea To Use Today

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Want to take your eCommerce email campaigns to the next level? 

Personalization is key.

In today's competitive eCommerce landscape, personalization is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.

Personalized marketing not only enhances customer experiences but also helps you stand out from the crowd and foster long-lasting relationships with your customers.

To help you get started on this crucial journey, here's an in-depth article that covers everything you need to know about marketing personalization in eCommerce.

In this article, you will discover:

  • The Importance of Personalization
  • Key Strategies to Use
  • Top Tools
  • Inspiring Case Studies
  • Challenges
  • Future Trends

  • 💡 Conversion Idea of the Week

    Building Trust With Shoppers

    Why Brand Story Matters on DTC Websites

     “Before I go to the products, I’d probably browse through who they are first…in recent years, I care more about who they are than what they’re selling.”

    Most people don't really care about the brand when shopping on big sites like Target or Amazon, they just focus on things like product availability, price, shipping, and returns.

    But when it comes to independent DTC sites, around 62% of shoppers actually look into stuff like the "About Us," "Our Story," or "Our Process" pages.

    Getting to know your brand is pretty important to them before they decide to buy something from you.

    On your store, be sure you have those kinds of pages to help customers connect with your brand.

    It will definitely make a difference in their decision to buy from you.

    Where to Include It

    Home page, Product pages, Footer - Company/About Section

    What to Include

    1. The brand story, values, principles that you stand for, and charity, and causes that you support
    2. The Founders' origin story
    3. The evolution story of your product(s) including the origin of its ingredients

    If you want us to look at your brand story (or other possible conversion ideas) you can request for an audit here.

     🧩  Playbook of the Week

    The only checklist you will ever need to set up, launch, and optimize a Google Ads campaign for your business.

    This 154-point checklist covers optimum account structure, campaign structure, remarketing, and ad group settings.

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