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I just finished submitting a case with Fedex for a shipment that they said they delivered, but they didn't. If you're in the UK, do you also face delivery issues consistently, where the delivery drivers simply mark items as "delivered" or deliver them to the wrong address...

It's a nightmare!!!

There's a definite market opportunity here, for the right company and the right service.

Anyways, onto this week's email.

Sandeep, How do I re-engage email users that have gone cold?

Earlier this week, I came across this question on my daily morning scroll: 

“I've got a couple of clients with the list that has been collecting profiles for a few years, but only started email marketing in the last six months. How would you guys clean these lists of profiles, who we don't email, but joined up to a couple of years ago?”

In simpler terms, how do you clean up an outdated or old email list? 

So, let's talk about this today.

Core Objectives from Cold Email Re-engagement

There are 3 core objectives from a Cold Email Restoration Project:

  •  Engage cold audience to start opening your emails
  • Introduce & build brand affinity  
  • Generate revenue

And the 4 pillars of success that will make or break your re-engagement program are: 

  1. Bad Emails - anything ranging from soft bounces, to hard bounces: remember that email addresses do go bad over a period of time. 
  2. Bad Responses - although your emails are reaching the mailboxes, they are being manually reported as spam or unsubscribed by users. Higher the unsubscriptions, the harder it is to maintain a good reputation in the mailbox, and Google makes sure of that. 
  3. Good Copy - with emails, you are up close & personal with the user, and a good copy is the ticket to extend your stay there. So the most important checkbox to tick while writing your email is good, positive vibes. 
  4. Automation - taking a cue from the smart work > hard work mantra here, it is important to strategize your planning in a manner that allows you to write content ahead of time and keep users engaged with it, simply through automation. 

Now, onto the real deal:

Have a great week ahead!


P.S. - The video will have some cool resources and templates attached in the description section, so make sure you take them home with you!  

P.P.S. If you have a question about any these, comment on LinkedIn itself and we'll respond within a day.

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