For eCommerce Brands That Sell To Men Over 40

We Generate Qualified Leads With Intent To Purchase

We create viral giveaways, build landing pages & launch social promotions.  

We even set you up with a 10-email welcome flow optimized for conversions.

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Theme Based Giveaways
Content Based Targeting
Qualified Leads With Intent to Buy

How LeadSprint℠ Works

Step 1: Theme

We plan a theme based giveaway, such as travel, food, outdoors, fashion, fitness, always targeted at men over 40

Step 2: Build

We build the giveaway with 6-8 products relevant to our target audience and are complimentary in nature to avoid competition

Step 3: Promote

We create and promote theme relevant content that talks directly to our audience, on social media as well as paid channels

Step 4: Convert

As the visitors engage with our content, we offer them the option to join the limited time giveaway.  

This proven 4-step method gets high quality intent to buy leads, every time!

6 Reasons Why You Should Run 

Targeted Giveaways With A Theme 

To Acquire New Customers 


You can grow your email list quickly with qualified leads

Email marketing remains powerful. Use giveaways to grow your email list, fast.  They provide a quick, direct line of communication with your target audience.


You reduce your CAC and overall cost per lead

When you run a giveaway, your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is significantly lower as compared to paid advertising channels. You're tapping into a proven data source.


Your brand is recognized by associating with other brands

Partnering with other businesses for giveaways exposes your brand to their audience, fostering business relationships and growing your customer base.


When you stay memorable;  you drive more sales

Familiarity drives buying behavior. The more often customers see a brand through giveaways, the higher the likelihood they will trust and choose it over competitors.


You get viral growth on social media as an added bonus

Giveaways often get shared widely on social platforms, increasing your brand's digital footprint, driving traffic, and potentially boosting sales.


You get first party data like no other channel

Data is the new oil. With a giveaway, you can incentivize the prospect to share data that can be used to target relevant offers and improve ROI on marketing spend.

Simplify your lead generation process and increase sales

Here’s why you should use LeadSprintGiveaways

Ready to grow your email list, lower your CAC, improve your brand recognition, and get more sales? 

Here's why you should work with us

We are the experts in targeted lead generation for DTC 

Our founder, Sandeep Bansal, has not only generated thousands of newsletter leads for over 300 brands since 2003, but he himself is the founder of an eCommerce brand that targets men over 40.

It works, too

As you can see for yourself,

Giveaways Get Results


New emails added to the list in 4 weeks using a giveaway that cost less than $1,000 to run


Users engaged on social media by sharing, commenting, and following the brand 


Leads converted to paying customers within 90 days, with 32.2% placing a repeat order 


Decrease in customer acquisition cost as compared to Meta  Ads (Facebook & Instagram)

What happens when you purchase a LeadSprint Package

What happens when you  purchase a LeadSprint℠ Package

Fill out a detailed onboarding form

This form takes about 3-4 minutes to finish and will help us collect everything we need to build your LeadSprint℠ action plan.

Kickoff Call

During this call, we go over your goals & objectives, the product mix you want to promote, and the brand aesthetics to include.

Product & Brand Showcase Preparation

We will build the marketing collateral for the product, email flows, and the brand story to include in our marketing material.

Marketing Material Review

We will share a preview of the marketing material to request feedback and implement revisions as requested.

Technical Setup

During this stage, we will connect our lead management system with your CRM for delivery of leads after the giveaway 

Engagement & Interactions Process

If potential leads or participants directly inquire or comment about the brand on eComBrew's platforms, the brand is alerted.

Giveaway is Launched

In the 3 weeks, when the giveaway is live, we collect the leads and prompt users to engage with participating brands.

That's not all!


10-Email Welcome Flow



Tailored exclusively for your giveaway, onboard and engage your new leads, turning them from curious participants to devoted customers.


Expected conversions within the first 90 days based on our internal data analytics

3.77x ROI

Based on AOV of $80

12-Month Marketing Calendar



Get ahead of your competition with this collection of 12 monthly marketing calendars. Easily pick and plan your monthly promotions.


Marketing Campaign Ideas included for each month including B2C & B2B 

How to use:

Video training included on how to plan and make the most of your email campaigns

Profitable Emails Swipe File



Boost engagement, drive sales, and keep your audience hooked. Turn every email into an opportunity!"


Email campaign ideas included for all customer journey stages & promotion strategies


Types of campaigns included such as Brand Ambassador, Back in Stock, BNPL, Flash sales

Product Launch Formula



Learn how we sell out almost every time we launch a new product for a DTC brand, within 14 days


Email templates included

Full Video Training

How to implement and why it works

Backed by our 100% Positive ROI Guarantee

Till such time that your investment is not recovered in full (minus your COGS) we will continue generating leads for you.

We only win, when you win.  It's that simple

Let’s talk shop 

Our lead generation solution for DTC brands

We generate 5,000+ qualified, targeted leads, from a high intent-to-buy demographic.  This will help you get more customers with higher engagement, lower CAC, and improved ROI.

Our service helps your prospects learn about your brand, your core products, benefits & features, and why they should choose your brand over others.

LeadSprint℠ Package


5,000 Net New Leads via Joint Giveaway

  • 5,000 Net New Leads via Joint Giveaway
  • Collaborative Brand Partnerships
  • Giveaway Concept & Creative Design
  • 12-Month Marketing Calendar 700+ Events
  • 200 Email Campaigns Swipe File
  • Product Launch Series of 6 Emails

We plug into your tech stack

See what people are saying

Partnering with eComBrew for our giveaways was a smart move.

Their process made it easy for us, and we saw a noticeable uptick in our leads. Excited for our next collaboration!

Tom Patterson

ModernMan Gear

With eComBrew, it's more than just a giveaway.

They've genuinely understood our brand and audience, delivering consistent, quality leads each time we join in.

Sarah Mitchell

PrimeLife Essentials

The team at eComBrew is top-notch.

Not only did we achieve our lead targets, but the accompanying marketing materials provided added value. A rewarding experience, indeed!

Jacob Torres

Vintage Vibes Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is eComBrew's Giveaway?

eComBrew's Giveaway is a themed promotional event where multiple brands come together to offer an enticing product bundle. These themes range from travel to fitness and are chosen to appeal to a broad audience. Additionally, themes are crafted based on market trends, seasonality, and feedback from our brand community.

How much does it cost to participate, and are there any hidden fees?

Participation in our giveaway is priced at $2250. This fee encompasses our promotional endeavors, lead acquisition, and other operational costs. Rest assured, there are no additional hidden fees. In exchange, brands benefit from a minimum guarantee of 5,000 leads, a comprehensive 10-email welcome flow, promotional materials for social media, and a boost in brand visibility.

How does eComBrew guarantee lead generation?

Our lead generation process is driven by targeted paid advertisements combined with specialized promotional strategies. We're committed to delivering a minimum of 5,000 leads to our participating brands. These leads are acquired through meticulous promotional campaigns, affiliations, and social media activities, ensuring they align with the target demographic of men over 40.

What should brands contribute to the Giveaway bundle?

Participating brands are required to contribute products with a cumulative retail value of up to $500. Brands can opt for a combination of products, keeping within the set value. Every product within the giveaway receives equitable promotion across our marketing channels.

Who is the target audience for the giveaways?

We specifically target men over the age of 40, offering a mature and potentially higher-spending audience for your products. Our marketing initiatives are tailored to resonate with this demographic, leveraging in-depth data analytics and market insights.

How are these giveaways promoted?

Promotion of the giveaway encompasses diverse channels such as targeted advertisements, email marketing campaigns, widespread social media exposure, and strategic partnerships. There are also special opportunities for featured branding for brands desiring heightened visibility or unique promotional collaborations.

What happens after the giveaway concludes?

Post-giveaway, we systematically process and distribute the acquired leads to all participating brands. This ensures that brands can promptly engage these fresh leads. Furthermore, we strictly abide by all data protection regulations, ensuring the privacy and safety of all shared leads.

Are there opportunities for brands to collaborate within the giveaway?

Absolutely! We actively encourage brands to engage in joint promotions or collaborations to augment the overall appeal of the giveaway. We group brands based on product compatibility, theme alignment, and shared target audience interests.

How frequently do you host these giveaways?

Our giveaways are conducted periodically, aligning with various seasons, prevailing market trends, and overall brand demand. Brands are also welcome to participate in multiple giveaways to ensure diverse and consistent exposure.

How can we reach eComBrew for further queries or support?

Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist with any queries or issues. We are reachable at [specific email or phone number], and we prioritize clear communication and swift resolutions for all our participating brands.

How does eComBrew differentiate itself from competitors?

eComBrew stands out by offering a comprehensive package that guarantees lead acquisition, personalized email flows, and enhanced promotional support, all without any recurring monthly fees. Our specialized focus on a distinct demographic and our curated themes mean that eComBrew is a unique, value-driven choice for any brand looking to maximize their reach and impact.

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